12 Best Hotel Booking Websites in the World

Find the best travel sites for booking hotels. You can get the best flight deal if you connect with right hotel booking sites who knows all about hotels reservations, and how to manage last minute hotel deals. If you are planning to travel the world or around your country, but still searching for best discount hotels to trust and rely on, we got you covered. Find the best hotel search engines in the world, and get to know why they are called the best in travel category. Travel is the best teacher. It’s very important that everyone get’s to travel around once a while, and see other traditions, cultures and get to meet people from other races. When you travel, you really get to know other cultures and their way of life and integrate it into your own cultures.  Safety has been one concern that scared most people from travelling to other countries, however, the best way to beat the odd and travel around is to book your trip with trusted booking sites that knows and really understands the risk involved in travelling from one destination to another, and knows how to manage customers travelling by air or land travel.

Some booking sites stands out with excellent services hence becomes the best in their categories – a trait every traveler looks for before booking a flight. Smart booking sites knows how to care for travelers through out the journey, and has everything ready for you even in case of emergency. We have searched and selected some of the best booking sites that you can trust for all your flights. Online booking is a convenient way of finding and booking your flights over the internet. With online booking services, you can build a schedule to suit your travel plans, you can also request for a particular seat, special meal, special services, pay online by credit card, and more.

Quick tips for Hotel Booking and Accommodations:


a.Try to search for the cheapest flights and get a good bargain – spend more time on hotel search engines until you get the cheapest flight.

b.Book in advance – you will get special discount if you book hotels in advance when everyone else is still waiting.

c.Check for Package Holidays with added extras – save lots of money with special holiday packages with several added extras including discounted hotel rooms.

d.Weigh your baggage before leaving for your flight – check and remove the extra weight to avoid paying for excess bag at airport.

e.Read Airline and Accommodation reviews by people who have actually booked and used the facilities, never mind the promotions, see opinions and thoughts of others who have actually booked and stayed for some time.

f.Sightseeing tours – compare & book group tours and activities so you can share the cost with others.

g.Buy international phone cards for cheap oversea calls – this helps in case of emergency when you need to call home or friends while in overseas.

h.Go without the guided tours – it’s better to go with a group and a tour guide so you don’t keep asking strangers for direction, but you can choose to go solo to save money. Guided tours are usually expensive.

i.Try to know the current exchange rates – see the exchange list and compare rates before buying/selling, and always count your money after any exchange to make sure you are giving the correct amount.

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a.Go for Hostels not Hotels – depending on your travel plans, if going solo, go for cheap hostel, but if travelling with two or more, book double or multiple beds hotel so you can share the beds and beat the cost.

b.Get the best price for hostels on every continent – depending on where you want to go, browse all the hotel search engines for the cheapest hotels and hostels.

c.Check out booking.com for all destinations – compare all booking sites until you get a cheap accommodation suitable for you.

d.Read Airline and Accommodation reviews by other travelers. Get to know what others are saying about a particular destination so you don’t fall victim or booked in a wrong place.

e.Check Rentalcars.com for the world’s largest car hire booking service – this is recommended if you plan on going on a domestic road trip that requires renting a car.

f.Buy Travel Insurance from World Normads to stay safe wherever you are in the world – WorldNomads.com is the best in the world to keep you travelling safely.

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Try Direct Booking Before signing up with Booking Sites.

Did you know that direct booking gives you low flight fare and great incentives which you can never get from booking sites. No firm, hotels included likes to pay out commissions to agents or booking sites, so they offer some special incentives to customers to lure them from booking through the booking sites. Booking direct gives you a special fare rates which are not given to booking sites.

Here are Top 12 best websites for booking Hotels and Accommodations.


TripAdvisor is among the best hotel booking sites because they will give you the price guidelines, great pictures of the vacation spots and honest reviews from passengers who have used their services and actually traveled to the destination. However, everything still depends on your choice of destination and the price tag.


Hotel.com is ranked high in the table because they offer great promotional incentive which gives you one free night for every 10 nights you booked at Hotel.com. This is a great offer and many passengers appreciated it hence rushing to book with them. Besides, they also give special hotel rates which you cannot find in other booking sites. And if you use standard credit card, you get exclusive hotel.com rate and stands a chance to get great points on all Hotels.com transactions. They will give you the best hotel deals.


Kayak.com helps you with free prize tracker. Meaning, if you are not ready to book instantly, you can track hotel prizes and know when a destination offers special sales or promotions. Like other booking sites, Kayak.com helps to bring prices directly from all other sites.


Expedia.com is the biggest of all the booking sites because it owns and controls most of the booking sites out there. Due to their size and influence, they can afford to offer exclusive deals and attractive discount hotels to regular customers. You can trust them.

5.Hotels Tonight

HotelsTonight is one of the best apps noted for last minute hotel deals, so if you are one of those last minute customers, this is the best site for you. They offer cheap hotel prices which you cannot find in other booking sites. Besides cheap price for advance booking, they also get unsold last minute hotel rooms at discounted prices and offer to customers therefore, you can trust them for all your last minute hotel deals.


Priceline.com offers the best deals on hotels, flights and rental cars. It is the best website for finding discount rates for travel related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stays. You can also discover new hotel rates, low fare flights and cheap rental car deals exclusively in their app. You need to download their app to stay connected with all important trip details. Priceline have the best booking hotels so you can trust them when planning your trip.


Agoda has emerged as one of the best booking sites in Asia in particular and the world in general. If you are looking for hotel bookings in Asia, Agoda is the best bet. They also have special discounted rates and cheap deals with most top hotels in Asia.


Booking.com is a house hold name for regular travelers and travel agents alike. They are noted to be the best in hotel booking and accommodation. The site’s main objective is to help people find the destination and places to travel as per their plans, and book for accommodation. Booking.com have apps which makes it easy for their users to book hotel or accommodation from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to worry about your booking because they will help you in every way to find out your holiday spots. The company is one of the best for family vacation with baby in particular and with toddlers in general.


Hotels.com is also perfect for online booking hence appearing twice on the list. For those who are busy and have no time, booking online is a perfect choice. If you are going on a trip or family vacation, and want to book your accommodation online, hotel.com is your best choice because they have search widget that allows you to type in your destination and the check in & check out dates. You can also choose the type of accommodation for your stay. They allow you to choose if you want to look for hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, and hostels. Hotel.com is one of the booking sites that gives you the freedom to search the site and do what you want.


AirBnB is a directory website where you can find hotels and accommodation facilities for any holiday destinations. It is a directory website that allows all kings of bookings. You get all booking details when you choose an accommodation facility. One of their best features is their ability to automatically detect your language and currency, and also allows you to manually change it if you want to. This is absolutely best if you are going on a long trip.


Trivago.com is a price specialist. They are the only booking site which compares the price of the hotels and other accommodations and lets you select the best deal as per your travel plan. They compare prices of available accommodations at different booking sites so that you can select the best according to your choice. The main objective of Trivago is to help you find your best travel accommodation at the lowest price. This is how Trivago work: They compares the listings and prices from various websites, the booking won’t be processed by Trivago. When you find the best deal to book your hotel and proceeds for booking, you will be navigated to the booking website and the booking will be processed by the website that you selected. You must have to read instructions carefully before using this site.


Expedia.com is regarded by many passengers as the best in booking flights, hotels, car rentals and holiday activities. Besides accommodation bookings, they have one of the best listing detail page formats which guaranteed that you will find all the details of the things you are looking for in one place. The site also offers online booking services for car rentals etc. You can book flights online with Expedia.com to fly to your destination at the perfect date, and on time. They also provide you with a list of the best flight offers when you are already in your destination. Expedia has one of the best services for everyone. Give them a try for all your hotel booking and accommodations. Did you enjoy this post? What do you think? Leave your comments below.