47 Best Travel Websites in the World

Searching for the best travel websites or best travel tips for cheap flights? They are within reach if you know where to get them. And they are not even expensive as envisaged by most travelers. We got them all listed here to save you time and money. You just find the right one for you. Whenever you plan on travelling to overseas or local trips, what comes to your mind is – what are the best travel websites to check out for plane tickets. Therefore, Whether you’re planning an overseas family vacation or just a weekend road-trip with friends, this travel website is your best option for cheap tickets. Besides, you will also find attractive cheap flights, accommodation, rental cars, and cheap hotels. Do not be confused with Travel websites and booking sites, they obviously perform different travel related functions to travelers. A travel website is a site that is dedicated to travel, and tour related services. This includes travel companies that generally provide their information to travelers for free. Due to rapid increase in the quest for vacation travelling, the world has seen a significant increase of travel sites rendering all kinds of travel and tour services.

However, before using any travel website, try to read recent reviews of various travel websites written by people who have actually used the site before. Though some reviewers are paid to write biased and good reports in favor of the travel websites, but there are still some really good travel websites to be classified as the best though, they are basically limited to only a selected few. We searched the web, and selected some travel websites that would be comfortably classified as some of the best. Here are 47 best travel websites that you can trust to deal with whenever you are planning a trip, group travel tours or a local road trip. Whether you are searching for destinations, how to get there, the finest places to stay or things to avoid at all costs, below listed travel websites will guide you. Each site listed here provides specific travel related functions to travelers. They are called the best because they provide you with special travel related services, and could be trusted and reliable to assist you at any time.

47 Best Travel Websites in the World

1 – Kayak
Kayak ranked first in the list because the travel site stood out among the rest in finding deals on flights, accommodations, hotel rooms, last minute deals, rental cars, and more. Among other features, the site have pricing trends which predicts where prices are going hence, helping you to use the information to determine when to buy tickets and book flights. They also have travel alerts which automatically sends you mail about any new deal on your preferred destination.

2 – Booking.com
This company is one of the best in booking accommodation, discount airfare and recently rental cars. They are perfect in booking from hotels to trains. Booking. com helps you to find your destination and other resorts to visit. They have app which makes it easy for you to book hotel or accommodation from anywhere in the world. They also have newsletter scheme where they send alerts to inform you of any changes or flight cancellations. Booking.com is also best for family vacation with baby.

3 – Expedia
Expedia is the best site to trust when it comes to rental cars and cheap travel. The company is among the biggest booking sites as it has bought over some already existing companies. The company offers exclusive deals and discount hotels to both regular and new customers to encourage them to keep coming. They are also regarded by travelers as the best in booking flights, hotels, car rentals, holiday activities and more. However, they also have one of the best listing detail page formats which guaranteed that you will find all the things you are looking for listed in one place. The company also provides online booking services for rental cars and more. They also provide you with a list of the best flight offers when you are already in your destination. Expedia is simply one of the best.

4 – Priceline
This company is now considered as one of the best in air travel services. Besides rental cars services, Priceline.com also offers the best deals on hotels, airfares and more. It is the best website for finding discount rates for travel related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stays. You can easily find new hotel rates, low fare flights and cheap rental cars deals. However, you need to download their app to stay connected with all important trip details.

5 – Agoda.com
This company is simply one of the best travel sites providing best flights in Asia and Pacific. They have become one of the best booking sites in Asia in particular and the world in general. If you are looking for hotel bookings and related travel services in Asia, Agoda is your best bet. They also have special discounted rates and cheap deals with most top hotels in Asia. If you are planning a trip to Asia and Pacific, Agoda.com is your best option.

6 – Hotel.com
This company is one of the best and trusted travel agent in the world. The provide informative details on how to get the best Travel packages for family vacations in particular and solo trips in general. If you are very busy and wanted to book your travel online, Hotels.com is your perfect choice. Are you going on a solo trip or family vacation? Book your accommodation online with this company because they have search widget that allows you to just type in your destination and the check in and check out dates. They also offer great promotional incentives which gives you one free night for every 10 nights you booked with them. However, most travelers appreciated their offers and keep rushing to book online with them. Besides, they also give special hotel rates which you cannot find in other booking sites. If you use standard credit card, you get exclusive hotel.com rate and stand a chance to get great points on all Hotels.com transactions. You can also choose the type of accommodation for your stay. Hotel.com is one of the booking sites that gives you the freedom to search the site and do what you want. The company is a total package.

7 – Trivago.com
Trivago.com compares prices of hotels and other accommodations hence giving you the chance to find the cheapest airline tickets and grab the best vacation packages as per your travel plan. They simply compare prices of available accommodations at different booking sites to enable you pick the best according to your choice. They just want to help you find your preferred cheap airfares.

8 – Momondo
If you are searching for best sites for travel deals and search engine for flight prizes, hotel bookings or rental cars, Momondo fits in perfectly. They can also help you through their travel alert gears which will send you mail whenever there is a price adjustment. Momondo does not offer direct booking therefore, you have to use them with other travel sites to get a better deal.

9 – Airbnb
This company grew out of nothing and turned itself into one of the best flight booking sites in the world. They specializes in rental cars and travel related rentals. To make your trip more secure and smooth, you must have to book all your rentals with Airbnb. They manage issues and negotiate with owners and managers, and strike the real money deal with the renters. However, with many branches around the world, you will not find it hard to find Airbnb whenever you plan for a trip.

10 – HomeAway
HomeAway does the service like Airbnb, and can be an alternative to some extent. One of their features is their ability to operate in multiple languages, so you can always speak with someone in major world languages. However, been a small company compared to Airbnb, they do not have direct control of the rental services, Airbnb is still the main controller in travel rentals.

11 – Skiplagged
What is Hidden Cities? For sure most people have never even heard about this 2 words. Skiplagged is the only travel site that is fully engaged in hidden cities services. This service happens when a passenger disembarks at the connecting city of their flight instead of flying to the final destination. This scenario due happen often times specially when a passenger realizes that final destination would be more expensive than taking a flight from the connecting city. The company takes care of this service and assists you till the end of your trip.

12 – Jetsetter
This travel site provides luxury travel services for those who can afford the bill. They take care of the most important issues that travelers care about such as security and healthy environment. The company engages in using email marketing platform where they send notifications to customers regarding urgent issues and price changes. The company is also one of the best travel sites in offering exclusive deals on hotels and secured resorts around the world. If you need a travel site for a luxury trip, Jetsetter is your best bet.

13 – Luxury Retreats
Luxury Retreats is one of the big name brand travel sites that offer exclusive services to the rich and famous, and other customers with quest for luxury vacations. With multiple exclusive high-end villas and resorts in beautiful destinations around the world besides, the company is also highly recognized by corporations and celebrities alike.

14 – Skyscanner
This company offers great platform for customers looking for best travel deals. Irrespective of any destination, Skyscanner can provide you search options which could be used to discover new travel locations with cheap prices. The company also have apps in multiple languages in different countries so, you can use Skyscanner services virtually from anywhere you are in the world.

15 – Airfare Watch Dog
As the name suggests, Airfare Watch Dog is mainly for finding the best deals on travel. They simply search the Web and carefully pick the best deals. However, this company is not as big as other travel sites but you will always find some of the best travel deals.

16 – TripAdvisor
Getting to know about destinations before travelling there is very vital to travelers in particular, and this website is specialized on that. TripAdvisor is a hotel review website, they tell you everything regarding your travel plans including opinions of people who have used the services well in advance so you will compare and contrast before finally deciding where to go. TripAdvisor also have reviews of restaurants, resorts and tourist attractions hence giving you a chance to have basic idea of your expectations before your trip. You can also make good use of their app for more information.

17 – OpenTable
If you like to eat good foods as you travel around, then OpenTable is your best choice. They knew what food is best for any resort and what kind of food every traveler wants after a busy day. You will never go hungry with OpenTable, because they knew where to get the foods therefore, if you love to eat good food and searching for best restaurants near to your destination, OpenTable is the place to check out. They have an app which provides you with thousands of good restaurants to try out.

18 – Sky Park Secure
This company is one of the few travel sites that offer different kind of services. They match-up airport car parks at various top rated airports to assist you to find the best deal. However, car parks are generally monitored for quality and Sky Park Secure compares the car parks to help customers find good deals.

19 – Viator
This company takes good care of travelers at the destination. Most travelers often got confused at the destination, not knowing what to eat, where to start and who to talk with. The travel site provides schedules and activities that helps you get things started. They will call for rental car or boat if you want. Just make sure to contact them and have everything planned with them before your trip.

20 – Duolingo
Duolingo is a travel site that covers several countries with multiple languages. They have language app which will help you with basic words. You will have no problem if you are travelling to a country that speaks one of the languages Duolingo covers because you could just contact them or use the learning app which is free, and easy to use.

21 – Bouteco
This site is exclusive for those who can afford luxury trips. They have a team of experienced workers who travel the world over to provide the best luxury and boutique hotels to their customers. If you can afford a luxury holiday, Bouteco is always there to serve you and make sure your luxury vacation dreams went without a hitch.

22 – Routehappy
As the name goes, the objective of this site is to make you happy as you cruise around. They want to make sure you enjoyed every beat of your trip. If you want to travel in comfort and style, Routehappy is your last stop. They will help you settle issues with airlines.

23 – Adioso
Adioso is noted for their services to people with different flight schedules. They serve as a flight search engine for people who are not sure exactly when to travel. They also have a platform where they send alerts to notify you when there is a change in airfare prices.

24 – Tripit
This site serves as a travel companion for travelers. You can reach out to them any time you need an information regarding your hotel, resort or forgot an important travel document. They provide shareable flight and restaurant itineraries to travelers so, you don’t have to worry about anything forgotten or missplaced.

25 – Google Maps
Google maps is obviously the leader when it comes to local information and directions. If you want a downloadable map options, Google Maps is the best and will serve you with perfection. The company provides many map options for both walking and driving. You just make sure you have downloaded the maps or their app before your trip.

26 – FancyHands
This company acts as your personal travel assistant, and provides special travel related services that you can hardly find in other travel sites. They have team of professionals who will handle all your hotel booking, get the best restaurants near your destination, send you alerts about flight delays or cancellations, directs you to major tourist attractions and more. However, nothing goes for free in FancyHands, all their services are covered by either monthly or yearly renewable fees.

27 – Eater
Most people finds it hard to adjust to new environments and different kind of foods, but this company takes care of that by giving the travelers advance information about the kind of food they will see and probably eat during their stay. Eater also provides travelers with special foods to try, and list of the best restaurants to visit and test any kind of special dish near the destination.

28 – Hitlist
This site is one of the best in planning and organizing your trips. They will help you with updated information about any new development regarding your trip and also alerts you whenever their are changes in prices. Perhaps you would like to get a cheap hotel and accommodation bookings, Hitlist will send you destination photos and latest news about the destination you are about to visit. Therefore, you will enjoy your trip if you plan everything with this company well in advance before your trip.

29 – Holiday Pirates
Holiday Pirate is the leader when it comes to package holidays. Just send them all your travel details and they take care of your trip just as you wanted it. How do they do that? They browse through the major booking sites to find the cheapest and best deals on package tours, and the best travel sites to book your flight, hotel or rental car.

30 – Weather2Travel
As the name implies, this company is noted for informing travelers about weather conditions and the best times to travel without fear of bad weather and flight cancellations. If you are planning a trip and not sure of the best time of the year to travel, contact Weather2Travel for full detailed weather condition about any destination.

31 – Owners Direct
This website is the leader when it comes to long holidays. If you are planning a long family vacation, solo trip or Honeymoon, Owners Direct is your best bet. Besides long holidays, they also provide self catering accommodation that gives you the chance to manage your catering services as you want and also an opportunity to communicate with the real owner of the company so you don’t pay the commission fee. Normally, most sites charge fees for putting you in touch, but owners Direct gives you the chance to negotiate direct.

32 – Euan’s Guide
This company is the best in providing the best accessible and attractive tourist attractions in major cities. They provide images of newly added festivals, old museum and theatres which are not listed in tourist guides. Therefore, if you are searching for best accessible places to enjoy with your family or with a special one, Euan’s Guide is your last stop.

33 – Hipmunk
This site is noted as one of the best travel search engine for hotel rates, airfare, rental cars and more. The site also helps you to plan by showing you how the flights are ranked with the associated price tags.

34 – Accuweather
This travel site is your best bet in terms of weather forecast. They keep you well informed about the exact weather condition in any destination. With the app, you can see day to day forecast for the entire month hence keeping you well informed as you plan your trip or already travelling.

35 – Small Luxury Hotels of the World
This company is known for providing exclusive bookings in luxury hotels and special travel plans. Besides negotiating with boutique hotels, they also have membership scheme which provides you free upgrades on price changes or flight cancellation.

36 – Flight Aware
This company performs special services that travelers crave. They will let you know when a flight is due to land on time. They have the technology to track thousands of aircraft in real time as they cross countries and oceans to reach airports around the globe.

37 – WeLove2Ski
This website is managed by a team of experienced travel writers and reviewers who specializes in ski information. They provide informative reviews and special reports about famous holiday resorts, gives snow reports and advice on everything from ski technique to clothes to wear. If you are planning on a ski trip, WeLove2Ski is your best bet.

38 – Rome 2 Rio
This site is well noted as a special travel search engine for travelers. Every traveler must need this site for a smooth trip. They have travel search engine that shows you prices, times differences, whether you plan to fly, drive, take the train, bus or ferry. This site has the technology to assist you to anywhere in the world without issues. If you are planning a trip, give them a try.

39 – Google Translate
Google Translate is a popular travel site and a world leader in trip translation services. The site is mainly used by travelers for translating websites into English. Though you still need the small pocket English translation dictionary in case you want to ask someone for something. However, for general trip translations, Google translate is the answer.

40 – Google Flights
This company is best known for flight options. They are the best when it comes to finding out your flight options. They can help you to know your airport codes to enable you search to or from up to five airports at a time to determine which is the nearest.

41 – Time Out London
If you want to know where all the best attractions of London are located, Time Out London is the best site to use. The site will help you with complete listings of the biggest exhibitions, museums, musicals events, roof top bars, new street food hangouts, free things to do in London, and more. You have to contact them well in advance before your trip.

42 – Easy Taxi
This company is the best in the world for cab ride. Easy Taxi connects you with real cab drivers in many cities around the world. And you can pay by credit card or cash. The cab service has changed the way people, specially tourists travel in many countries. Besides providing extra security, it also helps with language barriers, you don’t need to talk with anyone hence you have already coded your destination into the app and the driver knows where you are heading to.

43 – Rentalcars.com
This company offers the cheapest rental cars deal in the world. If you are planning a road trip with rental car, this site is your best option. Besides, they also offer giveaways and add on extras – free one-way rentals in California, Nevada and more. However, they also known to have excellent customer service which motivates travelers and non-travelers to keep using the rental cars services.

44 – Context Travel
Contex Travel is one of the best travel websites that offers walking tour guides to interested travelers. They provide guided tours by employing experienced tour guides that knows the destination well enough to lead you to anywhere you want to visit.

45 – CDC Travel Health
This site is simply the best when it comes to trustworthy travel health advice. They can give you vital information regarding any kind of vaccines you may need while travelling. Besides health advice, they also provide you with the latest news on travel health updates about your destination or any holiday spot you plan to visit later.

46 – The Local
The Local is the best travel site that focuses on the European continent. If you want to know or rather get any information about any country in Europe, The Local is the place to go. The site provides great informative feed of news with several editions from around Europe.

47 – Matrix Airfare Search
This site is noted for finding low fares for travelers. They will allow you to plan for several trips and gives you a chance to find the lowest fare suitable for your trip. Though you can not buy directly from ITA but if you find a cheap fare, you can give the information from this site to your travel agent or airline when making a booking. Matrix Airfare Search allows you to use their site.

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